GhanaPostGPS Launched – Every Area in Ghana Mapped Digitally 

Finally the era of wrong directions in Ghana is over! Thanks to the launch of the Digital Addressing System. What this means is that you can now send someone an accurate direction to your location to anyone in Ghana. You can even be under the Volta Lake, you’ll be located  😎

The service is already in motion and you can take advantage of it right now. You have the option to either download for your phone (Android or iOS) or use the web version at in case your phone model is not supported (Windows phones.)

How It Works

What is GhanaPostGPS?

GhanaPostGPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system which covers every inch of the country and ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With GhanaPostGPS, every location has a unique digital address.

What does my Digital Address represent?

The address above is for the Kumasi Main Post Office. In a deconstructed form, AK-039 is the postal code for the area, A refers to the region of the location (Ashanti Region), while K refers to the district (Kumasi District), 5028 is the unique address within the postal code. The Postal Code and the Unique Address come together to form the unique digital address.

How To Use The Service

You’ll have to first of all download the app for your specific device. As stated above, if your device isn’t supported, you use the official website to access the service at

NB: Only works on Android for now.

Once you have the App downloaded on your phone, generating your address is easy.

  1. Ensure your phone’s location button is turned on.
  2. Open the GhanaPostGPS app and click on the button
  3. Your unique address will appear next to the Digital address, for example Digital Address: GA-543-0125
Yes, accuracy of your address is important. Just below the address code, the accuracy of the address is shown. Always endeavor to have the address within 3 meters accuracy. It is advised that you stand in front of your property to produce the most accurate address.
If your address appears in;

  1. Green font, for example Digital Address: GA-543-0125 this indicates you are within 3m – 9m accuracy
  2. Yellow font, for example Digital Address: GA-543-0125 this indicates you are within 10m – 20m accuracy
  3. Red font, for example Digital Address: GA-543-0125 this indicates you are above 20m accuracy

NB: The most accurate results should show in GREEN font.

Your digital address is made up of two main components Your postcode (EN-200) and your unique address (1987) The first letter in the postcode represents your region (E for Eastern Region in this case), the second letter/digit (N) represents the district (N for New Juaben). The next batch of numbers (200) represents your area code. The regional, district and area codes come together to form the postcode. The last batch of numbers (1987) represent the unique address of the location. A combination of the postcode and the unique address make up the digital address









No, your street name will be displayed below your digital address, including your district, postcode and region which will make it easier for people to locate you even without the map.
To locate a given address, you would need to have the GhanaPostGPS app on your phone and the given Digital Address

  • Key in the digital address in the search column and click on the Search button
  • Full details of the address will be generated
  • Click on the Route option below to navigate to your specified address location
  1. Click on the menu button
  2. A menu will appear with a ‘Verify Your Address’ button
  3. Click on the button to verify your address